Mama Rosa has and undying passion to do all she can to help those who desire to preserve the Lord's temple.

This will only work through His plan which we have ignored for millennium. 

Through diet planning, simple exercise, rest, water,  fresh air, love and mentoring from Mama Rosa, along with prayer and temperance  doing all things the Lord's way nothing is impossible and all things are probable in obedience and faith.

Mama Rosa never ask for payment but humbly accepts any donation determined by you and your heart.

All donations received are 100% put directly into the ministry to continue helping those in need and providing the resources to do so.


Mama Rosa  also has a gift of the Word. She is direct and to the point with vigor and power as she empresses upon those who hear their need for a sense of urgency, as the time is at hand.

Her love for people drives her persistence to get them to listen to truth. Spiritual health is the twin to physical health.

You have to do the way the Lord has directed or it's all in vain and a waste of precious time.